About DhakaLive

DhakaLive.tv is the pioneering company in the field of Live Streaming Services and Solutions. founded with the endeavor from the hard core professionals with proven expertise, we have been investing in the development of various technologies and software solutions, establishing stringent quality control measures and backing it up with a strong professional team to deliver optimum customer satisfaction. We accelerate the growth of innovation by setting new standards in delivering service excellence.

We believe technology should get out of the way, so there’s no limit to what people can do. We’re a thoughtful, tightly-knit team that’s committed to realizing ambitious ideas. We’re making technology work for the people, and the best is still to come.

In general, video is an entertaining and informative type of content that people love. Videos can attract more attention than regular text content can. And since people can’t really skim videos, most will watch the entire thing if it’s interesting.

When it comes to a live video, well no doubt it can attract more people of the community and allow people to interact instantly across to the all social media platform. When live streaming is the next big thing now you might aware of reaching more people from all of your social accounts like facebook, youtube, twitter, website and so on.

Going live to all platforms was never been easier with Dhakalive team. Though anyone can go live instantly from their smartphone, but to the audience its a kind of annoying for the frame drop, noise, low audio, singe view and the cellphone battery.